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ray645383, 男性 56
This is ray . I am psychology doctor and. I have other business. .. (.I . own restaurant. )..I am from USA. Michigan. .and. my.age.55.year. .and I look for honest and beautiful women. between. ... 18....year. to. 40...year. Not up..40..years. Please. and I . like out.door..always. ..but. just with my..women. 1...lunch 2..dinner always. .During. A .year... . said. .USA and. always. .to...out. u..s..A. century's. . and. Every. .tow..weeks.. at . weekend. hotel. . for. Enjoy together. and. take enough. because. ..I love. . much. . but just with. .my..women.. and after. ..The weekend. . back together. start. New. life. . it's. .everything. .about. .my. life. ...Please.'s for any..lady want text me about relationship.. With me.... she has to look at. my..profile. .more times before text me. .because. I . want women. .everything. . like.
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Detroit, Michigan, 美國