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DerickZhang, 男性 25
I Live in Adelaide. I am completely in love with Adelaide which is a pleasure city filled with amazing local conditions and customs and vitality life living style. Everything is wonderful and peace here and I learn to enjoy my life when I am attending my school. But sometime I feel alone and sadness when I stay at the balcony watching the changes of clouds because there is no one I can share with this beautiful view. I am not young anymore and I am very looking forward to enjoy the pleasure which brings from love even though I don’t have much experienced for love. It is not because of lonely that I want love but because I really long for the feelings that only love can bring to me. I am reasonable and have a clear plan for my life no matter now or the future. Do not kick me out because I do not have much experienced in love. To be frankly speaking, I am fearless and passion for love which the older one does not have. Influenced by Chines traditional culture, I hold a sincere and faith attitude towards relationship and marriage. I am not a play boy and what I have is a heart filled with you. Come on, my dream girl!
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