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Happy Ever After
I met Ian on Oasis in 2011. After a previous unsuccessful marriage I thought I would never want marriage again or a close relationship, I went into dating with the intention of just having fun and meeting new people.

After texting and talking on the phone for a while Ian and I met up and, after a rollercoaster start, we moved in together after 6 months.

It feels as though we have known each other forever and he is my best friend and my soul mate. We spend a lot of our time together. I have never loved anyone as much and we are both very happy. I love his two children and enjoy our family time with them.

On February 14th this year I proposed to Ian and he said yes! We are now planning our wedding for May 2017. I'm excited to be marrying the love of my life and I've found my happy ever after.

Thank you Oasis!
Love at first sight
After looking for a serious relationship for a while I decided to give Oasis a try. After a couple of days I started to chat to a guy. I was from Glasgow and he was from Edinburgh. After talking for a while we decided to brave it and meet.

Once we met it was really love at first sight. We met on the 24.08.2012 and not long after I fell pregnant. He has been by my side for almost 4 years and I do not know what I would do without him.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Oasis if it wasn’t for this site our daughter wouldn’t exist. I encourage people to please give oasis a go and see where it take you.
We're having a baby!
After chatting on Oasis we decided to meet up on the coming long weekend, I was so nervous and excited and we both really hit it off!

Soon after we moved in together with my son, and now we are pleased to announce we are expecting one of our own! We couldn’t be happier!
My happily ever after.
I was just about ready to give up on love. Being a single mother of one and at that point in time I was pregnant with my second I had lost all hope and thought the worst of all men until I decided that I would give ‘Oasis’ a shot.

I am so glad that I did! Within a few days of reactivating my account I had started to chat with a man who instantly caught my attention just from his profile picture, who I chatted with about anything and everything for just only 3 days.

It was my idea about our first meeting by asking if he wanted to do something. He answered yes and we went out to the movies. We spent hours together and I broke my own rules but I am so glad that I did because that night changed my life forever.

This man is now my husband after being together almost 5 years. We decided that we would get married on our fourth anniversary. He has supported me though my pregnancy when we met in 2011 and now is my Life Partner, a step father to my children and he was the start of the rest of my life.

Thank you Oasis for my happily ever after.
The feeling is right
We both connected from our first chat, and haven't stopped chatting since. Our first phone call lasted 6 hours, so that was a good sign we had a great connection. After chatting every day for 4 days, we finally met in person.

We both had a good inkling that we would be attracted to each other, and sure enough we were. From that day 7 weeks ago, we have only spent one day/night apart. Everything seems so right - we both have the same passions, such as a love of the outdoors (camping, fishing, random drives and short bush walks), gardening, animal welfare and our pets, nightly walks and stopping for a swing at the playground.

Chatting until 2am every night about anything and everything. He LOVES to cook - I hate cooking - so perfect match: D We both motivate each other considering we are both procrastinators. We work well as a team, encouraging each other to keep working; most of the time it is working on each other’s gardens or house chores.

There is not a time in the day where we aren't thinking of each other. We both can talk about our concerns and issues and help each other through them. We both have the same dreams for the future, living in a cottage on our farm, living off the land with lots of animals. And eventually travelling around Australia in the Land Cruiser, towing the caravan and the boat. A match made in heaven!
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