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Good things come to those who wait....
I'd been dipping in and out of Oasis Dating for years, working on the adage that if I kissed 100 frogs I would find my prince. My criteria for accepting or offering a contact request was narrow. I wanted some overlapping interests; an articulate man; an avid reader; a mind connection; analytical thinker; grown children; lived within 25km; energetic and nonsmoker.

My prince, aka Tarzan, met my essential criteria: we loved walking; swimming and SciFi. He was articulate; an avid reader; an analytical thinker, we connected intellectually but he lived 80km away; had shared custody of his teenage son and smoked.

Luckily for us he was very flexible in his criteria. Even though I lived too far away and was outside his preferred age range, his policy was to accept all contact requests. We chatted on Oasis and talked on the phone for three days. We both felt a strong mental connection. On the fourth day I took a train to the end of the suburban network, Tarzan picked me up at the station, we drove 40km to his home town. Six months later we are still going strong and feel content.

Being 50 something gives us the maturity to talk about any topic in a non emotional way. Good communication is the backbone of our relationship.
And that's how I met him
I met my amazing boyfriend on We have been together for 5 months now.

He looks after me, makes me breakfast, and dinner, always compliments me and has the biggest heart. We can't wait for what’s to come in our future.
Two peas in a pod
After a few weeks chitchatting to people on Oasis and feeling a little despair, I answered a very anonymous message from a very anonymous profile. It had no name, no picture and very little to no information. I was dubious to say the least but decided to say 'Hi' back. Much to my surprise I found myself talking to a very interesting individual, very like myself if I am honest.

We chatted for over a week, and I was a little afraid I was on my way to becoming smitten, before I got up the nerve to ask for a picture. I was sure I was in for a nasty shock, I waited nervously for the picture to load and was pleasantly surprised to find a kind, handsome blond topped face smiling back at me. It was the icing on the cake, I knew I had to meet this guy. But it was almost another week or few before I could find an excuse good enough to convince him to meet me, he was more nervous than me.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I almost canceled the meet at the very last second but managed to keep the time.

I saw him first, tall and handsome, looking nervous as hell. My heart pounded and I turned around and hid for a few moments. I couldn't believe I was doing this! Me of all people?! I got up my courage and walked up to him. I have since blocked those few moments from my memory, I have no clue what I said or thought.

It was magical and it continues to be, we are a very good match and hopefully our future will be long before us! Wish us luck! All our love and best wishes to the rest of you still searching for your one.
Unselfish love
I joined Oasis Dating in August 2015, chatted to a few but nothing really serious, because I believe I really couldn't find true love especially being a single mum.

Until one day a guy liked me and I like him back then we started chatting. This guy was really respectful and humble, I told him that maybe he deserves a single person, and not me because I had a children already but he said, children are important and that my status really didn't matter to him. So we became friends from then.

After 3 weeks of talk, he's disappeared, the communication stopped and I really didn't know the reason why? My life was really a miserable one because I was paranoid, every minute of the day I'd like to check my phone, if he had messaged me, but to no avail. I really realize that I already fall in love to this guy, and it’s so hard to move on!

Until he came back for 1 week in October and during that entire week, he confessed that he loved me, and I'm really in love with him. So we had that so called bf-gf relationship and I'm very happy.
Found the one!
I've dabbled on Internet dating sites from time to time and had some good dates and some bad; but after all my searching I didn't find my girlfriend, she found me.

It worked right from the start! We both sent so much in every msg and it was barely 5 days chatting online before I gave her my number and she called the very next day. We dated for two weeks before deciding we like each other so much we had to be a couple! We just celebrated our 1 month anniversary like kids do! We already have plans for Christmas and everything we want to do in the New Year together! We make each other very happy!

Thanks Oasis for making it easy for us to meet! All our friends were already married so it was hard going out socializing and meeting people the traditional way!
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