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International Love

I'd been using Oasis for a few months, when out of the blue I was contacted by a Thai woman living in Bangkok. At the time I was looking for an Australian woman, so planned to decline the request. Then one of my friends told me he was looking for an Asian woman because they are thoughtful and caring.

I decided to accept the overseas request and I began chatting with the Thai woman. After a few weeks, it was obvious we really liked each other, so I went to Bangkok for a few days to meet her. We got on very well and she is coming to Australia for a holiday at the end of January. We hope to be married later in the year!

We talk to each other every day on Skype and miss each other a lot. I never imagined I would fall in love with someone from another country!


Dream come true

After years of searching, I found my heart's desire. I cannot thank you enough Oasis for bringing us together.

Life brings the most unexpected surprises. We are both of a similar age, she is 3 years younger, been through the trials of life and are at a stage where we can truly appreciate the good things together. No requirement to marry, no kids, no stress. (Been there, done that!)
Just enjoying our time together and looking forward to the future. Lots to do, places to go, things to see.

We've been together now for 8 months and God willing, will be together for a lot longer. We share similar tastes in food, drink, clothes and entertainment. She is the warmest, kindest person that I have come across in a long time, we all know good people are hard to come by these days, everyone seems to have an agenda, be it money or otherwise. We don't and that makes it easy to get along and share life's good things.

We come from completely different backgrounds yet have found common ground, who could have predicted that? I want to grow old with her and love her no matter what, she's the one! Thank you so much for bringing us together.


Have Met My Life Partner And Soul Mate

So happy and excited that I have finally found my life partner and soul mate. We just clicked right from the start.

We had a lot of things in common. Which included important things such as same cultural background as well as same religious background as well.

Never thought I'll find the love of my life on this site. Thank you Oasis


Found Love

Meet my new partner on Oasis, she is what I have been looking for and so far we have been together now for a few months and all is good. It is still early stages but I can see us growing old together!


The fairy tale continues:

I have already posted our story here on Oasis, but I felt I had to update it. So many people meet, be that online or in real life, think that they found the love of their life, then they fail miserably, only months into the relationship.

But here is our story: We met on Oasis on November 11th, 2013. I was living in Australia, and he was living in the United States. It was instant chemistry, and we fell so deeply in love, I decided to leave everything behind: my grown-up children, my relatives, my lifestyle. I sold most of the things I had, and bought a plane ticket to come and join the love of my life.

Both my family and his, as well as friends, were against it. On his side, they were saying that I was probably a fraud, as everything sounded too good to be true. As for my close ones, they were saying that I was most likely heading towards a disaster. Two months after we met online, I landed in the United States. Another two months later, we got married.

In a few days from now, we will celebrate one year since we first met in person; the day of my arrival in the United States.

I don't know of anyone else who has been or is as happy as my husband and I are in our marriage. My husband and I love each other insanely. Our love grows more and more every day. 2014 was, by far, the best year of our lives. And 2015 looks set to be even better. And every year after that.

Our fairy tale began on Oasis. It never withered. It only grew more beautiful with each passing day.

That's why I am back here, to thank Oasis once again, for making it happen. You know why? Because, for weeks, we had had our Oasis account settings set so that we could only be visible to local matches. Days before we met, we both changed the settings to 'worldwide'. Then my picture popped on my husband's Oasis account, on the scrolling bar that displays possible matches. If my picture wasn't there, he probably wouldn't know, to this day, that I exist. Oasis made it possible.

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