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I'm his Princess!
So we met on Oasis last June 2013, we chat and exchange number and email.

He came to the Philippines to meet me in September the same year, it was awesome! I never thought I'd meet someone like him. The same year he invited me to spend a holiday overseas.

FAST FORWARD......He will be coming back next month, it's going to be the 3rd time he visits this year and he always spends it with me. He calls and treat me like a princess! He always makes me smile never had a dull moment with him.

Thanks for reading guy! Remember don't lose hope. Someone is out there for you just have to be patient.
Something amazing
My partner and I met on Oasis last November. We caught up went out for lunch and hit it off from there.

It didn't start off great he didn't reply to me until 11pm at night and then I wouldn't reply to him until the next day. We exchanged phone numbers which made it easier for us.

So much has happened since we met but it would never have happened if oasis didn't exist.

We are now going onto one year together and so many other exciting things ahead thankyou Oasis for letting this happen.
I found the one!
I joined Oasis to meet new people, but I ended up meeting the man that I’m about to spend the rest of my life with!

We met in January, spent 3 hours on the phone just talking, it turns out we have everything in common, favorite color, movies, actors, we even quoted movie lines.

He told me he loved me on Valentine’s day, a few months later we became pregnant but unfortunately that pregnancy ended at 16 weeks, which that has bought has closer together, we are still trying again, as we both want a family more than anything.

We are now engaged and just waiting on what life has next for us...
Never thought it could work for me
I have been on Oasis for a long time and to be quite honest have changed my name many a time because I just got fed up of the time wasters. Really never thought that I could meet a genuine person who actually read my profile and did want a relationship and just not a one night stand.

But I have actually met that person through Oasis. We are so happy together and although live quite a distance away this has not proved to be an object, as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder and in our case it really has.

We chose the ring on Saturday and although the Wedding might be years away we are looking for a new home together.

So please if you gave up and despaired of ever meeting someone on here, like I did, have faith because out of all those bad apples but there will be that good one somewhere.

Am just so glad that I never gave hope, so many times I lost faith. Thank you Oasis for helping me meet just what I was looking for
Found Each Other!
We started talking on Oasis and once we started talking we knew we had found True Love.

Both of us have had bad experiences in the past and were hesitant about getting back on the dating scene, both scared about being hurt again. Once we met there was no stopping us. We began dating and realised we had finally found true love.

Two weeks ago I proposed and we are now happily engaged and getting married next year. Thank you Oasis for bringing us together. Your site really does work and has brought the girl of my dreams into my life.
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