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Love found with Oasis
I met my partner a month ago on Oasis. He is like my ultimate perfect match! I couldn’t be happier. We are nearly inseparable. Took a lot of time to weed out some duds but when I found Mr Right, we wasted no time in meeting!

They say opposites attract.... we sure do! THANK YOU OASIS
Write a good profile!
So luckily, she didn't read my profile before we struck up a conversation. We talked, and talked, and talked, we talked a lot! But we had a lot in common and lots to talk about.

Even though we both thought we would never date somebody with specific traits, the chemistry was perfect. And it’s been a strength of our relationship.

We are planning to move in soon and every time I find out something new about her, I love her even more.

But about the title, she said my profile was terrible. So make sure you try and not put people off. But start the conversation, and you will meet somebody.

Good luck and thanks to Oasis, I have met my true love.
Bright future
I accepted a “like” from a lady on Oasis not expecting anything to come of it, but as the weeks went by we grew closer and closer together.

It's been six weeks now and already we are inseparable and have almost every thing in common. We will be moving in together next year, so thank you Oasis, My future is looking bright!
Love at first sight!
It has been 5 weeks now since we meet and what a wonderful 5 weeks it's been! The chemistry we have between us is unreal as they say love at first sight, most definitely with us two.

My future is looking very bright and promising.
Happy Together
It was long distance love, he was on the Sunshine coast, and I on the Gold coast, he dared me to meet half way a month ago, one Saturday morning, and we hit it off straight away!

We spent 4 hours having lunch and a long walk, to enjoy the views of the bush.
We are still together and very happy.
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