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We hope you enjoy reading our member stories. If you have met someone on Oasis and would like to share your success story then Submit your Story.

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Lost and Found

I found a beautiful soul through Oasis, we are not in a relationship but he is the most amazing beautiful person I have ever met, he treats me like an angel after I was so hurt and lost from my ex he has found me, protected me and loved me!


Crazy in Love!

We knew as soon as we met something very wonderful was happening and every day since has confirmed that! We are so happy just being ourselves and that it works for both of us that way.

We are now hopelessly in love with each other and enjoying every minute of everything we do.


A Love Song

My now fiancé and I met on Oasis back in 2012. We connected over our love of making music. I'm a classically trained singer and he's a multi-instrumentalist with a background in music production.

Now instead of sending Christmas cards to our family and friends, we send the annual Christmas songs album. Our wedding is next year in July and we both couldn't be happier.


My future husband!

I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams, we connected on another level and 4 years later and an engagement ring and a wedding being planned I couldn't be happier!

Take a chance on love, I did!



I was about to give up on love when I found my now partners profile and decided to send out one last request. He accepted and we chatted for two weeks before meeting at the local pub.

We hit it off straight away and have been on a small holiday together already. Every chance we get we spend it together and hope for a long happy future together! Thank you so much Oasis.

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