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About Me
If you're looking for perfection, look no further. No seriously, just stop looking! Eyes close please ! Well wait. You have some hope of finding one. I heard there was this perfect guy once, but he died over 2000 years ago.Even He was not appreciated by his own people. The rest of us are just the damaged left-overs. Fortunately, even left-overs can be pretty tasty, so long as they are well preserved. I'm not looking for perfection. Just someone that is perfect for me. That probably means you, if you are also deeply flawed in a wonderfully enchanting sort of way. Are you smart, but sometimes say questionable things ? PERFECT ! Seriously silly ? GREAT !Are you kind in heart? but willing to thin the herd on occasion? EXCELLENT ! Do you LOOK fairly traditional, but in reality have a far more alternative bent? CHECK PLEASE! When asked what your favorite ice cream is, do you reply "Anything but vanilla!" DONE DEAL! 😉 Are you happy in your life, comfortable in your skin, and confident in your presentation? THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON THIS DATING SITE ! ? [joke] I donÕt care what you do for a living, where you went to school, or even IF you went to school; I don't care what the last book you read was. I care only about whether or not I find you captivating in your own quirky way. That's the difference between objective and subjective perfection. I want my very own partner in crime...the Bonnie to my complimentary puzzle piece.Please be sensual, open-minded, non-judgmental, emotionally available...Wink or E-mail Me If You Like Me....thanks for reading less...!!
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San Jose, California , United States