Success Stories
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A whole new family
I met my now husband in June 2014 on Oasis. In February 2016 we welcomed our baby girl to the world and in October 2016 we married. We couldn't be happier!
Found love on Oasis
I had only been on Oasis a couple of days, an Oasis user by the alias of Eve-Alexandra contacted me and I accepted.

We chatted on Oasis for a couple of days then proceeded to exchanging numbers and communicating by text and calls. We had many great talks and were very eager to meet each other, so eager we moved our original meet up forward.

We had immediate emotional and physical attraction the feelings were very surreal. Over the next couple of days we spent little time apart as we just clicked and felt so comfortable together.

We have now spent over a month together including our first Christmas together and we both feel very strongly about each other and our future together.

Thank you to Oasis for helping us find each other!
Newly Weds
I signed up to Oasis, not for the purpose of meeting anyone but because I had just immigrated to Australia from Scotland and was using this as a means to create friendships.

I first met my soul mate in 2009, we chatted for a few days on Oasis and it turned out he lived in same suburb as me. We then exchanged numbers only a few days later and have been inseparable since. We became official only a couple of weeks later and moved in together basically from the start.

We have only recently got married in Langkawi, Malaysia and have been together a total of 7 years.
Finally found what I was looking for!
I initially was on the site to look for someone for my sister and whilst searching for a potential Mr Right, I came across my very own Mr Right.

From day dot we were both interested and exchanged numbers and met at a nice restaurant. It was a great night where even I gave him the opportunity to run me using the excuse I had to go bathroom. In that time of disinterested he would have left but he instead sent me a text message telling me I was gorgeous.

It has now been 17 months and whilst we are both having our ups and downs with health of our parents, we stick together and be strong for each other.

I love him dearly and we are planning on getting married next year and start a family.

Thank you Oasis for helping me find my match. With my 'egg' I don't know where I would be!
Woman of my dreams
I have met the woman of my dreams, we could not be happier! Don't give up, there is one out there for all of us.
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