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sisco77591, Male 47
About Me
Life is an open adventure for me. Whether it's exploring around,see beautiful nature of life and all it has to offer or taking a day trip to somewhere spontaneous, I live my life with the sunroof open, the windows rolled down and the music on loud. I'm almost always on the go and rarely content living life on the sidelines. I enjoy traveling, especially abroad, and am planning an adventure to Spain,Maldives and Barbados before the year is over. I love movies and good music, country music,rnb, and any lovely music, I'm a big fan of Toby Keith. I also enjoy cooking and baking, although it can lack some diversity at times. If delicious but somewhat repetitive home-cooked meals and treats are your thing, this dude has got you covered! I have a pretty good sense of myself. I love to laugh, live a fulfilling life and try to find joy in each day. Hopefully you do, too. There’s nothing I find more attractive in a lady than passion. Honesty and kindness are way sexier to me than a good job title, beauty,a fancy car or a big house. You don’t have to be a model - I certainly am not - but I do value health, and it would be great to meet someone who feels the same. I have been actively pursuing my goal to reach a healthy weight in 2019, so someone who values an active lifestyle and follows a (mostly) healthy food plan would be a great match. I am always working towards my personal and professional goals, and I love a woman who knows what she wants and has a plan to get there. I am looking for someone else who is excited about the idea of building a real connection. If you are, too, message me and let’s get the conversation started!
Cooking, Music, Sports, Travel, Movies
Texas City, Texas, United States