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We both connected from our first chat, and haven't stopped chatting since. Our first phone call lasted 6 hours, so that was a good sign we had a great connection. After chatting every day for 4 days, we finally met in person. We both had a good inkling that we would be attracted to each other, and sure enough we were. From that day 7 weeks ago, we have only spent one day/night apart. Everything seems so right - we both have the same passions, such as a love of the outdoors (camping, fishing, random drives and short bush walks), gardening, animal welfare and our pets, nightly walks and stopping for a swing at the playground. Chatting until 2am every night about anything and everything. He LOVES to cook - I hate cooking - so perfect match: D We both motivate each other considering we are both procrastinators. We work well as a team, encouraging each other to keep working; most of the time it is working on each other’s gardens or house chores. There is not a time in the day where we aren't thinking of each other. We both can talk about our concerns and issues and help each other through them. We both have the same dreams for the future, living in a cottage on our farm, living off the land with lots of animals. And eventually travelling around Australia in the Land Cruiser, towing the caravan and the boat. A match made in heaven!
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