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The best connection!

Me and my now Fiancé met on the 29th April 2012 and have been inseparable ever since.
We got engaged in November 2012 and are getting married November 2014.

Thanks Oasis for giving us a platform to find one another. We both never thought true love could be possible through this avenue.


Mr and Mrs Bushwacker in record time!!

I joined Oasis late one night out of curiosity to see what it was about. A guy called Bushwacker was suggested by your site. I felt very apprehensive and got cold feet as I had never done this before, and how could someone match us so quickly???

Two weeks later I logged on to delete my profile. As I pressed delete, he sent me a ‘Hi are you there?...’

Oasis - thanks to you there is a very, very happily, married Mr and Mrs Bushwacker exactly nine months after you matched us up!


Love at first sight!

I was on and off Oasis for about two years. I've had a couple of dates but nothing serious until August last year. After coming back from holiday in Torquay I had and accepted a contact request from a man who lives not far from me. We chatted and clicked from the start, swapped numbers and we met in my hometown for our first date.

I realized he was the man my friend matched me with two years ago and lost contact for a year. We fell in love the moment we started chatting on Oasis and even more so when we met in person. He's the man of my dreams.

I am happy to tell you we have been together for nearly five months and we are truly loving each moment we share.

Thank you oasis for finding me my true love and happiness!


I found my country boy!

I lived in Freo and had left a bad relationship and was looking for someone that would treat me right.

I found a romantic, manly man that was completely different to me. He liked camping and I had only ever been camping 4 days out of my life.

When we met, it only took 3 days and we were dating. We have been dating for three years this Australia Day. And I hope that one day, wedding bells and maybe the pitter patter of a few little feet is in our future.

Until then I am enjoying learning so much from my man.



My fiancée and I met through Oasis in 2012, as teacher's we both work a lot, including during our evenings and weekends. Plus living in rural towns, it can be hard to meet people.

We have now been together a year and a half, we went on holiday in October and he proposed! We're moving in together in the spring and are planning our wedding.

When dating online you can get to a point where you feel like giving up, but it's worth sticking at it!

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